when you’re in between multiple worlds, 

how do you find a comfortable middle ground?

let's settle the balance

It feels like you’re filled with self-doubt.

Whether it’s your career, the standards of family, or society at large — something in your life has caused you to feel encaged, as though you have to shove certain “unacceptable” parts of you down. The result? Feeling chronically misunderstood, and filled with shame. You sometimes notice a quiet, growing anger, and a solemn loneliness. You feel the burden of having to appeal to the wants and needs of everyone else, causing you to be disconnected to the wants and needs of yourself. And sadly, you’ve gotten really great at accommodating everyone. Deep down, you desire to push this ascribed role away, and explore what freedom would look like — without the consequences. What would it feel like to lose the performance and show up as yourself?

Within your struggles, it feels like you’re overthinking everything.

You’ve been living in a constant state of anxiety, with the fears of never living up to your own expectations clawing at you in moments of rest. Your thoughts are not only confusing, but self-critical. Sleep is difficult, or feels out of reach. Your body is tense, and you can often feel out-of-breath (even if you’ve been working out.) You always seem to be wondering if you’re doing a good job, and it seems easy to compare yourself to those who seem like they can do it all so effortlessly. You can be so cruel to yourself, and you wish you could turn the broken record of these thoughts permanently off. What would it be like to loosen the need for control, and open up to relaxation?

It feels like you’re unfulfilled in your relationships.

Relationships feel more difficult than they need to be, and the terrifying potential for conflict pops-up more than you’d prefer it to. You feel as though you are generous to those in your life, but don’t always feel that you receive that same energy in return. Your impulse of giving and giving has led you to resent those you cherish most, which in-turn makes you feel guilty! And while you desire improved boundaries, you worry about the impending doom of how these boundaries could impact your dynamic, and worse, what feelings of harm will come to you as a result. The pattern of self-abandonment is clear, despite not understanding where it comes from, and you yearn for clarity so you’re not doing all the leg work in your relationships. What would it be like to communicate with honesty and intention?

Hi, my name is Aute.

I go by she/her/hers pronouns. I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, and I help folks who are coping with difficult life challenges. It is my aim to offer a safe, attuned, and inclusive space that honors the “both/and” to our unique life experiences.

I hope to support you in following what gives you a deep sense of meaning, and to be audacious in believing your needs and desires are worthy.



  • 01.

    You deserve therapy in which the totality of who you are is seen, understood, and most of all, respected.

  • 02.

    You deserve therapy that is curious about your lineage, acknowledges the hardships of those who came before you, and is curious how that has impacted your upbringing and perspective. What have you taken on that doesn’t belong to you?

  • 03.

    You deserve therapy that skeptically questions the messaging you’ve received that has encouraged you to be anyone but who you truly are. What messages are you needing to unlearn?




I hope to help you work past debilitating patterns, overcoming them by believing in the strength of your voice, by embracing the fullness of your dynamism, and by mending wounds collected from past relationships.

By the end of our work together, we will have taken a fear of never belonging, and will have transformed it into a life that belongs to us.

Begin your journey of reconnection here.

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