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individual and couples psychotherapy in santa barbara

  • Aute Porter

    Aute Porter


    I am an associate marriage and family therapist based in Santa Barbara, CA serving folks who encounter difficult life challenges. I use an integrative approach to help clients work past debilitating patterns, tend to big feelings, and mend wounds collected from past relationships. I hope to support you in following what gives you a deep sense of meaning.

I work with a broad range of issues, and diverse clients in both age and identity. Some areas of focus are:

  • coping with anxiety and overwhelm

  • exploring issues of identity, including mixed/ multiracial /multicultural identity

  • navigating complex family dynamics

  • processing through relational trauma

  • identifying fears of intimacy and attachment wounds

  • setting boundaries and defining needs

  • supporting interracial (multicultural) couples

  • life transitions, especially for young adults, children, and teens

  • Sitting with shame, grief, and depression

  • Perfectionism and imposter syndrome

  • unpacking the socialization of class, race, and gender

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