We live in a world that makes it really hard to love and cherish ourselves. And, we can collect past moments of humiliation, embarrassment, rejection, pain, and shame to form a deep, protective wall of inner-resentment. Often in moments when we could use all of the encouragement is when we tend to get down on ourselves the hardest. Rather than showering ourselves with understanding, we judge our most tender parts. Sitting with emotions associated with our “badness” can cause a major slump, impacting our energy, our ability to feel rested, and our willingness to actively engage in activities that once ignited passion and joy. When we partake in conversations with those around us, or see a snapshot of someone else’s life on social media, it’s so easy to compare, leading us to the judging place again. Feeling such a heightened level of criticism for ourselves is debilitating, and can arise when we are, often unknowingly, avoiding arduous emotions.

Letting someone see what you are feeling, while scary, can bring a much-needed light to the darkness in that you are no longer in that darkness all alone. Letting our rawest parts be seen can open a pathway towards well-deserved self-appreciation.

This sounds like me. 

Let's Begin