Anxiety has such a specific way of gripping onto our physiology, making our daily functioning feel like a task. When our body is activated, there is no feeling comfortable, and many times, our attempts to calm ourselves can somehow lead to feeling even more stress, on top of added exasperation. We may follow the thread of our repetitive thoughts thinking we will eventually figure out the root of this problem, only to find our minds creating even more things to worry about. And when you add perfectionism into the mix, there is helpless recognition that WE are the ones responsible for our own never-ending performance anxiety. So, how do we get out of this mess? Anxiety often stems from going through a series of seriously tough things, while not having the space or the tools to process all the encompassing emotions of these events. Our brains, devoted to our survival, try to do their best to keep us safe from our worst fears, and unknowingly make us a bit…miserable.

There are a myriad of ways of both understanding why our bodies react this way, and of decoding what our fears and thoughts might really be trying to tell us. Are you ready to learn how to listen to your body rather than fight it?

This sounds like me. 

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