When you identify as mixed/mixed-race, biracial, multiracial, multi-ethnic, or multi-heritage, it can often feel as though a space to lament the realities of your experience just doesn’t exist. Our parents have their own monoracial lens, and we might look very different from our families, causing a disconnect between the way we are treated by the outside world, and the way we internally hold and define our own identity. There are nuances to the mixed experience that can severely impact our emotions, such as being sensitive to rejection, feeling chronically misunderstood, and experiencing a distinct feeling of isolation in the face of constantly being invalidated. As a result, we might unconsciously concoct elaborate ways of finding belonging, never noticing how entangled our mixed experiences can be within the rest of our trauma history, and underestimate the weight of never feeling seen.

What masks feel necessary for you to wear in order to jump ahead of inevitable exclusion and being told you aren’t (insert trait here) enough to qualify as your identity? And more importantly, are you ready to let go of the mask and relish the liberating ambiguity of just being you?

This sounds like me.

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