“The desire to know our soul will end all other desires.” 

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psychotherapy services

  • / 50-minute session


    Often we notice we are living out of alignment when our body or our mind take great actions to ensure that we stop and make taking care of ourselves a priority. One-on-one sessions provide the opportunity to focus on what you need to re-align, whether that be cultivating important skills, processing painful moments, or fostering honest self-inquiry. A therapeutic relationship can provide the optimal setting for powerful healing and growth.

  • / 50-minute session


    Our teen years are filled to the brim with new and confusing experiences, alongside the pressures of our peers and the demands of school. And while parents can be wonderful guides, sometimes it is helpful to have a place of your own where you can unravel these stressors before figuring out what it all means. Therapy can provide much-needed support for finding ease and comfort through the inherent uncertainty of being a teenager.

  • / 75-minute session


    Relationships are hard enough, and the last two years of this pandemic may have made things feel even harder. Maybe you’re looking to bring a sense of vibrancy back into your connection, or you’re looking to make tough conversations-turned-arguments into something productive. Couples counseling provides the opportunity to choose and practice repair, and to consciously reconcile past scars within the vessel of your union.


Mixed/ Multiracial/ Multi-Ethnic

Being mixed holds unique emotional challenges, such as feeling “othered,” misunderstood, and receiving “mixed” messages about what you represent to those of your two+ racial, cultural, and ethnic heritages. Give yourself permission to finally speak about your experience of these challenges openly — this is your space for allowing every aspect of you that has ever been questioned or invalidated to unfold and to bloom.

Racial Identity & Multiculturalism

This pandemic has brought systemic and racial differences to the forefront. If you feel as though you need help in sorting through the layers of your diverging background, and are looking to unburden yourself from the colliding expectations of your identified cultures, therapy may be a helpful space to focus on you for once…before factoring for the voices of valued others.

Perfectionism & Anxiety

Nerves, difficulty sleeping, stomach issues, and alarming sensations are non-stop, on-top of repeated thoughts and worries about performance that seem to build on themselves. We may find relief when we learn about the biological reasons for our constant striving, and when we learn to practice attunement amongst the messages of panic.

Self-Criticism & Depression

What is the story you’ve been telling yourself about your worth? When we’ve experienced disconnection in some form, it leaves us vulnerable to blaming ourselves and subject to an endless litany of horrifying self-judgment. Unraveling the truth of your emotions and your experience with a trusted ally is a courageous step forward in your healing journey.

Relationship Issues & Relationship Trauma

The harmful wounds of our upbringing can often replicate themselves in our adulthood, entering our relationships in an endless loop. Heightened emotions of the moment may make it hard to reflect on how we can bring these loops to an abrupt stop. The setting of therapy can present an opportunity to study these spirals, and test out new ways to end painful cycles once and for all.

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